Background music for YouTube

Imagine a prehistoric man, who just wondered why he left his safe palm and trying to take a stick with his inept fingers. A sad sight … No way to upload your own video to YouTube, not to mention watching other people’s videos with an infinitely exciting process of commenting on them using a variety of expressive vocabulary. And, of course, the use of any kind of background music for YouTube is also out of the question. The same would happen with any of us, if we were born in Africa one hundred and sixty million years ago.

But if we were born fifty thousand years ago, we could be on any continent, of those that are suitable for life in the broadest sense. We could already be pleased with some forms of music, which by this time had become an integral part of human life, although quite far from what could be called background music for YouTube, even with a stretch. Such music is now called prehistoric, if we are talking about European music, of course. The music of modern aborigines of all other continents, in fact exactly the same prehistoric, is politely called folk or folk, as you like.

If we lived thirty-five thousand years ago, we could use a flute to create background music for YouTube, if this video hosting site in some incomprehensible way already existed at that time. God knows that, but still … Another huge step towards the background music for YouTube, humanity made four thousand years ago, when, at last, it was thought of how to record these ephemeral vibrations on a clay tablet. Eternal memory from grateful YouTube to this nameless genius of antiquity from Nippur!

The ancient Egyptians for our common good worked hard, harps and flutes more precisely. True, they did not move as fast as they did, since from morning till night they were busy building their pyramids. It went much faster in the ancient Greeks, who managed to find a pattern between pitch and number. The discovery of this connection is attributed by tradition to Pythagoras – it seems that it is so. In the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church, with its ascetic fingers, picked up the baton, serving as the rallying point for the entire diversity of medieval musical cultures. It is difficult to say whether it was intended to make happy all, without exception, future users of YouTube, whose existence without background music for YouTube is impossible to imagine? Or, besides her own will, so to speak, has become a tool of providence?

As we had the opportunity to observe, slowly but surely, people still moved in the right direction. Throughout the history of its existence on this planet, man has sought to obtain such a resource that would fill his joyless existence with meaning. And here it is – it happened!

The placement of an eight-second video clip on the theme “At the Zoo” on April 23, 2005 opened a new historical era. Now any single resident of the infinite universe, that is, almost any of us, can put their own video on this unique website, of any size, on any subject, of any quality and professional level. Can provide this video with YouTube background music to enhance the effect multiple times. And then enjoy the reaction of the audience.

Many go even further combining business with pleasure – making real money from shows. Most popular video hosting gives you the opportunity if you have reached the age of eighteen and have a thousand subscribers.

Today, we do not hesitate to use countless libraries of background music, including background music for YouTube. This state of affairs became possible, not least because of the existence of various royalty free licenses.

Take away from the modern person the ability to upload, view, rate, comment, add to favorites and share these or other videos and there is nothing left that could distinguish it from a dull creature in clothes made from animal hides sadly wandering on the savannah against the sunset. ..


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